Please contact us if you are interested in having your sheep shorn or your wool baled. TLS does require electricity in the area you wish to shear. You should have a clear area, at least 8 ft. by 8 ft., as well as a sheet of plywood (standard 8’ by 4’) so the sheep are on a level, clean surface for shearing.

Also, the sheep must be dry. Sheep should be kept in the barn, or under cover if there is a chance of rain prior to shearing day. TLS will not shear the sheep if they are wet. You must also provide help to catch the sheep and bring them over to the shearing board, unless you have a professional catching pen or race.

Please call or email, and include your area, sheep breed, and number of sheep that will be shorn. Also, please mention whether you would like hoof trimming, de-worming or wool baling services provided. This information is required in order for scheduling purposes.

TLS Ph: 410.917.5819

Ph: 410.917.5819  

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