David Todd has been shearing for over 30 years. Born on Arran, an island off the western coast of Scotland, David has worked in 13 countries shearing sheep, as well as managed two of the largest sheep shearing operations in Great Britain. David once worked in New South Wales, Australia on a farm with a 12-stand shed, shearing over 140,000 ewes!

In 1919, David’s grandfather, Robert, started TLS in Scotland, after returning from World War I. Determined to carry on the family tradition, David learned to shear from both his father, as well as the instructors at the shearing schools in New Zealand. David perfected his skills while shearing in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Italy, France, England, Scotland, Wales and Canada before settling in the northern Maryland/Pennsylvania area to continue the TLS tradition.

Once again, following in the family footsteps is David’s son, Trevor. Born in the United States, Trevor works alongside his father, continuing to carry TLS into the future.
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