TLS provides gentle, clean and efficient shearing for your 1 pet sheep or your flock of 5,000 and more! Although currently focused in Maryland and Pennsylvania, TLS will consider your flocks in other states and Canada, provided that the number of sheep will justify the traveling expense. At your request, we will also trim hooves and de-worm your sheep.

TLS now has a new gas-powered, hydraulic wool press, which can bale your wool into 400-500 lb. square bales. This gas-powered baler can be used anywhere on your property, as it does not require electricity.

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Specializing in smaller flocks, over half of the flocks TLS shears are fewer than 10 or 20. We also have the capacity to shear very large flocks in a very short period of time. We are able to provide up to 6 additional shearers depending on the size of your flock and any time constraints you may have. For the past 15 years, TLS has successfully maintained an annual contract, shearing 2,500 sheep in three days.